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On Statues - Entry #2

Statues have been causing a lot of noise lately, funny for something that can neither move nor speak. Something about them however ignites a passion in people on both sides of the spectrum from Civil War memorials in New Orleans to Pre-Islamic monuments in Syria. I don't think this is anything new. Throughout history we see the destruction of the ancient and erection of the new. It is a way of establishing dominance and shaping history or rather the memory of it. In my own photographic work, I've found myself drawn to statutes, and I've been asking myself what is it exactly that conjures such emotion in us from this specific art form. I think it is this, very simply that statues are creations in our own image. I use the biblical language here purposefully. God-like we imbue statues with a piece of ourselves, of our own humanity and as art is wont to do, it gains a life of its own and we are powerless to control its destiny. I think of Dr. Frankenstein, having given his creature life at once finds it monstrous and sets out to make its destruction and in the process destroys himself. Below, are two statues I've encountered in my travels - one, a Confederate General preparing for his final battle, the other, a Lady in ecstasy.

confederate statue

"The Last Stand" © 2017 Tim Stevens

"Our Lady of Hope and Sorrows" © 2017 Tim Stevens

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