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Eliza - Entry #3

35mm Photography in my experience is often the result of accidents. I'll readily admit that having learned to shoot in the digital age, I've become developed a crutch by the automatic gratification of an instant image preview. In 35mm of course, the resulting image is a best guess based on past experience and often mistakes. An apt example is my recent trip to Lake Caddo in East Texas where I shot three roles of film only to find out two weeks later after processing that my shutter speed was too slow and every last one of them was a blur. Lesson learned. However, sometimes these accidents produce something else, something unexpected and altogether more meaningful. Nearly a year ago, I happened upon a secret pioneer cemetery tucked two miles down a dirt road in a local nature preserve. As dusk set, I snapped a photo not realizing then that hovering just above the stone, Eliza had come to visit.

cemetery photography

"Eliza" © 2017 Tim Stevens

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