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Mortal God - Entry #4

I recently had the opportunity for a brief trip to Los Angeles. While there, I made it point to visit the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery. With the Hollywood Sign at my back, I passed through the old tower gates. I was struck immediately by a grandeur unlike I've experience in any other. As I wondered past the rows of white marble stones, I came to a massive Cathedral of the Famous Dead. Mickey Rooney, Rudolf Valentino, sharing hallowed halls with countless other extinguished stars revered and forgotten. Outside I lingered among a towering row of Byzantine Crypts when a temple rose before me that would indeed render Pharaoh green with envy. In Hollywood Hills, ego is deathless and money can make a man, emperor. Here lies Vain-Glory. Here lies Pomp and Circumstance. A mortal god.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

"Mortal God" © 2017 Tim Stevens

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