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Olga - Entry #7

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, a place where ego supersedes death. Paranormalists when referring to hauntings sometimes use the words "survival of personality". In such a light, Hollywood Forever is truly haunted. The cemetery, marble monuments to the titans of fame and fortune, an attempt to impress upon the living, "I was significant. I was here, and I remain." Amid this plain of towering ego is tucked more humble plot. On the far edge lies a strange collection of crypts, marble crosses of Eastern origin and unfamiliar glyphs. It was a rare rainy afternoon that I passed between those stones emblazoned with surnames- Yelkin, Chiltsov and others. One stone in particular caught my interest- stark white marble and a pane of polished black glass. I stooped and stared into its lightless depths as one might scry a black mirror, and like a black mirror a ghostly image rose to my eyes. Behind the rain speckled glass, a face proud and grim, two wrinkled eyes starring back at mine.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

"Olga" © 2017 Tim Stevens

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