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Over the River, My Darling - Entry #8

Over the River, My Darling - these words, evocative, mysterious and sad, wrought in marble called out to me in the warm, still air of Oakwood Cemetery. I drew near. An image, two hands, clasped, and I am struck by a sense of reaching, an impossible distance- over the river.

Yet these hands touch. They seemed to me a projection, an act of divination, this image, these words carved in cold stone, calling out to the Beloved to bridge the Gap Eternal, a vessel in word-form set with the sails of Hope and Longing.

Or perhaps, it was a promise. Over the river, my darling; over, just over the tide. Soon I will meet you, my darling, down by the river side.


cemetery photography

"Over The River My Darling" © 2017 Tim Stevens

Over the River, My Darling

by Arthr W. French, 1871

( sheet music: )


I have grown weary, my darling

Weary of wandering here

Never to meet or to greet you

Never your sweet voice to hear.

Shadows around me are falling

Longer my feet cannot roam;

Say! are you waiting, my darling

Waiting to welcome me home.


Over the river, my darling

Over, just over the tide;

Say are you waiting, my darling

Waiting, my footsteps to guide?


Over the river, my darling

In the bright mansions of gold

Ever I long to be sitting

Close by your side as of old.

Say! are the pearly gates open?

Is there a place left for me?

Will I be welcome among you

When from this earth I am free?


Though here in life we were parted

Nothing could chill our fond love;

Dearer and brighter it groweth

as I draw near to you above.

Waiting the spirit's last bidding

Calmly death's coming I bide;

Soon I will meet you, my darling

Down by the river side.

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