Fractured Prayers - Entry #20

The immigrant plea is a fractured prayer at Old Calvary.

Some of the earliest residents of Dallas, TX were pioneers- German, Irish, Belgian, Polish, Czech, mostly Catholic who made the long journey from the Motherland to the Land of Promise. Their reasons were different- religious freedom, economic hardship, violence, government oppression. For their families, they desired the same thing- a better life.

Did they find it? Was it worth it? Old Calvary was founded in 1878 to receive the first generation of Dallas' Immigrant Dead. Its stones speak of homesickness, "born in Co. Kilkenny Ireland", "daughter of France", "Son of Berlin". They came across stormy seas to alien shores. They suffered. They died. They celebrated, and lifted prayers to God that their children might fare better. At Old Calvary, their prayers are writ in stone and with each passing year, they crumble before our eyes.

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