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Terrible Beauty - a Photographic Journey Through Ireland

In October of 2019, my wife and I took our first trip overseas to the beautiful country of Ireland. Armed with my 35mm still camera, we trekked through some of Ireland's most haunting and enchanted landscapes. This book is the result. This book if for those trapped at home and longing for the magic of the "thin places" where the veil between this world and the next is as fragile as morning mist. Enjoy 52 stunning black and white images with text narrating our magical journey, including a special look inside the most haunted place in Ireland, Leap Castle.


"Noting my 35mm camera on the dresser, “Now if it’s ghosts you're after, you must visit St. Kevin’s.” After brief but informative directions, Jim departed. As my wife finished getting ready, I stood, looking out the window down at the street below. It was cold and overcast, and I noted a house across the street decorated in convenience store cobwebs and a cardboard witch fluttering in the chill breeze. It was almost Halloween."

iBook: $13.99 -

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Paperback: $90.00 -

A highcross at the Rock of Cashel.

The ruins of Hore Abbey.

Leap Castle, considered the most haunted place in Ireland.

The enigmatic pre-historic cairn, Newgrange, in Co. Meath.

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